Learning objectives:

  • Describe the relationships between Mycobacterium avium and its close relatives
  • Describe the course of infection and its pathology
  • List the sources of possible infection for domestic poultry
  • Describe the approaches to infection control

Presenter biography:

Paul Barrow is a graduate of Bristol University and gained a PhD in microbiology based on the study of pig enteritis from the University of Reading with post-doctoral work on bovine tuberculosis in London. He has spent most of his time in government institutes, first at Houghton Poultry Research Station, Cambridge followed by 14 years at the Institute for Animal Health, Compton. His area of expertise has mostly been host-pathogen interactions between bacterial enteric pathogens (Salmonella, Campylobacter) and poultry and pigs with a major secondary interest in exploring novel approaches to infection control. He is one of the foremost global experts in avian salmonellosis. He moved to the new vet school at Nottingham with his research group and is pursuing similar interests and as research sub-dean is involved in establishing collaborative links with other schools in the university and external institutions. He has 154 publications in refereed journals plus books and chapters, conference proceedings and patent applications.

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