Learning objectives:

  • Describe the morphological and molecular features of the different types of viruses which cause Marek’s disease, avian leucosis and the retroviruses which cause neoplasia.
  • Describe the epidemiological, pathological and immunological features of Marek’s Disease, avian leucosis and retrovirus-induced neoplasia.
  • Describe the economic impact of Marek’s Disease or avian leukosis.
  • Appraise the main methods used to control Marek’s Disease, avian leucosis and retroviruses in poultry.

Presenter biography:

Venugopal Nair obtained his veterinary qualification and doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine from India. After 6 years of Post-doctoral research at the Institute of Virology at Oxford, he joined the Pirbright Institute to work on Avian Oncogenic viruses. He currently leads the viral oncogenesis group (http://www.research.pirbright.ac.uk/viraloncogenesis/) at the Pirbright Institute. He has over 25 years of experience in veterinary virology and avian diseases and published more than 120 scientific publications and book chapters, and is one of the Associate Editors of the 13th Edition of the Diseases of Poultry. Prof. Nair is also holds honorary Visiting Professorships at Imperial College London and University of Liverpool.

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