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Presenter biography:

Dr. Khaled Hussein is the Poultry Technical Service Manager at ECO Animal Health Ltd. His technical expertise has benefited the EU, Asia, Middle East and North Africa regions for many years. As a Field Veterinarian, Dr. Hussein’s core interest is in the latest developments in poultry health and management with emphasis on the True Cost of Avian Diseases from farms to the consumers.

Khaled earned his degree of DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) from the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice, Slovakia. He soon followed this with a PhD degree from the same university in 2004. Scotland’s charming nature inspired Khaled to move to the UK to start his career as Official Veterinarian at Grampian Country Chickens, Coupar Angus. In 2009 he became Company Veterinarian looking after 130 Broiler Farms. Khaled’s key motive was to improve birds’ health and welfare whilst reducing rejects at factory level. Khaled became the company’s Chief Veterinarian after only three years, attending to 70 Broiler Breeder Farms and 130 Broiler Farms, with his supervision accounting for almost 16% of the UK’s total poultry production.

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