How do I apply?

Course applications are managed by the AgriFood Training Partnership (AFTP).

Initial applications for both the online and residential courses must be made through the online course application form on the AFTP website. Depending on which version you wish to study, visit either the Poultry Health (Online) or the Poultry Health (Residential) webpage, and click the ‘Apply Now’ button to start your application.

The next running of the residential course will be 23rd April – 3rd May 2019. The next running of the online course will start in October 2019 and finish June 2020.

Your application will then be processed and you will be provided with further instructions about how to register with the University of Nottingham.

The cost of the April 2019 residential course is £2000 (with accredited exam) or £1900 (without accredited exam). Please contact us for further details. The cost of the 2019-20 online course is to be confirmed.

For any help or support with completing your application, please contact us via the AFTP.