Why study the Poultry Health Course?

The Poultry Health Course is a valuable didactic experience for anyone involved professionally or academically in the poultry industry. The PHC is run as a two-week residential course of lectures and as an online course delivered in both cases by international experts. The course will provide a comprehensive background to the rearing of chickens, turkeys, ducks and game birds for meat and poultry, including the global industry. Subjects covered include poultry rearing, nutrition, pathology, parasitology, virology and bacteriology coupled with applied subjects such as vaccination, post-mortem examination and laboratory diagnosis.

Participants can register for the full residential course one week of which is run at the Pirbright Institute and a second at Nottingham University’s Sutton Bonington Campus.

Online version

Since 2015 the Poultry Health Course has been transformed into a completely online interactive didactic experience. The range of topics and learning objectives covered by the course is identical to the residential course. Thus for those unable to attend the residential course, the information available from this world-class course is now available to a global audience.

For each topic a brief video introduction is given by the lecturer followed by the full series of slides delivered by the lecturer as an audio commentary. The participant will then have the opportunity to test the knowledge they have gained with an online tutorial session.

The course will be available from October each year. The next running will start October 2019. Topics will usually be released at a rate of one per week. The expectation is that the course will be completed by June 2020 .

Residential version

The residential Poultry Health Course will continue to be run jointly by the Pirbright Institute and the University of Nottingham as a two week course, usually in March/April each year.

The next running of the residential course is yet to be confirmed.

Week 1 (Date TBC), based near the Pirbright Institute, contains lectures based around cutting edge scientific aspects of poultry health including anatomy, immunity, genetics and infectious disease, delivered by international experts from the UK, Europe and the US.

Week 2 (Date TBC) is based at the University of Nottingham’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Science (SVMS), Sutton Bonington Campus and comprises a series of lectures and practical activity on the more applied aspects of poultry health including the turkey, duck and game bird industries, vaccination and use of antibiotics, problems of the broiler and layer industries, lameness, problems in the field and the art of field investigation.